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A monkey once told a beaver that the world wasn't what the crow had said it was. There was no magical worm in the ground that once you ate it you became a lord among crows. There is no magical berry that cures runny belly. There is no mother crow that loves all animals and will one day regurgitate the fruit of life. No, this crow had everything wrong but had the monkey told the crow he was wrong the crow would surely have pecked out the monkey's eyes. So the monkey remained silent until he came to the beaver. He looked at the beaver and told him how silly the crow's ideas were. "How could the crow be so wrong?" the monkey asked the beaver. "After all everyone knows the Father Monkey would never wed a crow" the monkey told the beaver. The beaver remained silent for surely the monkey would rip out his liver if he told the monkey how silly his ideas were.
The online community has many different beliefs. What one person thinks may be different from another. Numbers and figures can be made to show you what ever you want to see. The bottom line is that you are the one who has to believe it. Netcucumber is here to give you what you want and the service you need. From your own personal website to personalized banners we will help you create what you believe in.
Just a few services we here at Netcucumber can offer you to help you create what you need.
- Your Own Personalized WebSite
- Memory DVDs
- Promotional Cards
- Promotional Banners
- Promotional Mugs
- Photography Services
- Creative Marketing Solutions
- And So Much More...


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