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The Netcucumber Mission

The web community is filled all kinds of stuff. The world is made up of even more stuff. With information flying from point to point and so many people moving between these points something great is possible. The world rotates no matter what we do. People live and die no matter what we do. But what if we did something that could make a difference. People will still live and die. The world will still rotate. Days will pass and the community of the web and world will still be filled with all kinds of stuff but the option to help is here before you now.

Netcucumber is offering you a discount on all of the services offered here to do something small but meaningful. There are many organizations that are helping right now. Many of these organizations very little people know about. With your help we can open the eyes of the many to these resources that are making the world a better place.

Our mission is to create a community of support for those in need with the help of the those who desire to build something more.

What you get: For placing a simple link to a non-profit organization that Netcucumber supports on one of the web options we create for you you will get a discount on the design fee. You will also get a free link and postings on all Netcucumber promotions featuring the Netcucumber Mission promotion.


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