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Net Cucumber Web Options

There are many reasons to have your own website but what kind of website do you need?
Here are some options to think about that we can help you with:

The Web Card: This is an option that is low cost and gives you an online face. Not every business needs a big flashy site that takes up a great deal of space and contains a great deal of informato that people may or may not take the time to read. The Web Card is just that, a business card online that lays out you basic business design. This single site page will give your customers a place to find you online and give them the basic and most important services/information you want them to know about.

Simple Site 1: This site gives you three pages to outline your business with. Basic site needs usually serves up a home page and two informational pages. With so many people surfing the web this option gives you the option to make a quick impact with easy site flow to prevent people from getting lost on your site.

Food Site Uno: You want something to let your customers feel what your establishment is like while surfing the web. They will stop at you site to see the menu, hours of operation, atmosphere and general information. This web option will give you 3 pages to describe your business and menu pages to show what the customers can enjoy once they get to your place.

Store Front One: Have something to sell online? This basic package will give you the opportunity to open up a small online store front where you can show case your company and sell your products. Yes you can sell on ebay and other websites but to have your own website where people will shop at will lend a professional hand and branding to you and your products.


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