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About Netcucumber

Thank you for your interest in Netcucumber. We are pleased to have you at our website.

The Netcucumber was created in the mind of an individual who wanted to help people promote what they love. This is no promotional firm that will put out press releases for you or throw expensive parties to get people to know who you are and what you do. Netcucumber is a company that is devoted to creation and promotion with out breaking the bank. If you are a small business who wants to do a little extra then you have found the right website.

What can we do for you?
We can offer affordable options to promote your event, company, or what ever it is you care about.
Some services that can help include but are not limited to:
*Web Design: Websites and Informational Web Pages
*Promo Cards: Containing anything you want to say even a menu if you want.
*Hats & Shirts
*Photographer: Need images of a special night or product?
*Promotional Ideas/Concepts: Start your own fund raiser.

The story behind the Monkey Tale (on the home page).
People have asked us about our lead story on this website. The one with the monkey, beaver and crow. The tale shows how three different animals have very different perspectives about life and each works for them. They all believe in their ideas and hold them to be true even if the others think differently. Much is true about marketing and online promotions. Many different ideas are out there but not everyone will work for you. TV ads may not be your best choice but for another company it coule be their "Mother Crow" that reguritates life into their business time and time again.

The story was created to let you know that no matter what you believe in we are here to help you if we can.


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